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UX & Brand Leadership

Teaching is one of my favorite activities, and I always actively work to help my colleagues to understand how integrated UX capabilities can aid an agency team to bring consistency and quality to our clients. 

I enjoy working at agencies because teamwork is so fundamental to the success of the work we produce. With the support of my teams, I have been able to provide UX leadership in many ways, including: 

  • Internal agency workshops and presentations
  • Client workshops
  • Organic business growth
  • Service design and growing an agency's UX offerings 
  • UX process integration and supporting documentation 


Genentech BioOncology Case Study

From 2012 – 2015, Genentech undertook a major redesign of BioOncology’s digital ecosystem. This included how the pipeline was organized and presented and it was pulled through all channels, including apps, convention experiences, print materials, and several websites. As part of the brand team at Harrison & Star, I was able to demonstrate UX value to the clients and internal team. UX techniques and strategies were incorporated into our approach for a successful re-launch. This case study is detailed in the slide deck below: